New Politics in Aotearoa

Leftwin is a blog dedicated to fighting for a new radical politics in New Zealand/Aotearoa. This blog hopes to see a movement and a politic driven by popular participation, that can radically challenge political and economic inequality, that actively supports the struggle for Tino Rangatiratanga and that seeks to build an more  environmentally sustainable world.

To do this we will need to be organised- and this is easier said than done.

This blog is asking our friends to help contribute to this discussion. To achieve a radical change, what organisations do we need? What could these organisations looks like? Who might be involved? Is it even possible? Is parliament a part of a radical project? And how would this relate to movements in the streets or in our unions?

Below is a range of contributions from this blog and from our friends, responding to these questions.
If you would like to participate, please contact us at

Leftwin- New Zealand’s Revolution is coming

New Politics- “the post-capitalist future- one determined by our capacity to organize”- Vanessa Arapko

New Politics- “Neoliberalism… has not made life better for ordinary Kiwis. It has made it worse.”- Tuan Nguyen

New Politics- “Instead of leaving our future up to others, we can use our current political system to launch a new one.” Qedric James

New Politics “No one is born Left” Cameron Walker

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